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Salus Protego can help protect you, regardless of industry.


Systems that control ticketing, staffing, train maintenance and planning, camera systems, etc could all be exploited causing serious safety and security risks.


Airlines are also huge potential targets for ransomware gangs because of the huge amount of data that they collect from passengers. In-fight entertainment as well as wi-fi provided for customers.


There is presently no other industry, where all of the biggest companies have been attacked one after the other. Cyber-pirates are making bigger and bolder attempts each year and traditional anti-virus security systems are failing.


Out of 5,400 energy companies surveyed last year, 37% reported that they were victims of ransomware attacks.


Occasionally the criminal intent of cyber-attackers is more sinister than just financial exploitation.

The desire to attack critical systems in order to cause harm to innocent citizens is terrorism.


Workers are using their personal devices to handle company business. These attackers often use phishing techniques to gain entry into a company’s entire infrastructure.

Big Ben


There are many risks associated with potential data breaches within government organizations. National security should be the biggest concern.


Stolen data regarding military personnel, troop formations / deployments / locations, and/or plans for military operations could cause unthinkable harm.


Companies collect enormous amounts of data from their customers and data is the gold of the digital age. Attackers can sell this data to competitors, steal millions of customer email, and often steal credit card information from customers.

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