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Welcome to the Salus Loquit World

Salus is our name and Security our game.

In our blogs you will see the standard security items you would expect but we aim to be different, we look to the wider world for ideas about what may be coming down the line.

Is someone else attempting to compromise system?

As we at Salus all have outside interests, just like you, we are looking ionto these interests for ideas about where we are going in this world.

Moore's Law was based on the idea that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every 2 years whilst the cost is halved. That was in 1965!

Experts point to 2022 as the year we will reach the end due to the expense and difficulties around it, that does not mean the end though. Technology and architecture is developing in new ways!

What does this mean for us?

We are currently finding it very difficult to deal with security issues around our current technology and our promised new technology that will help us secure things like quantum computing, and graphene processors (working about 1000 times the speed of current silicon), we also have artificial intelligence.

If we are currently failing to secure our 'slow and dumb' technology, what hope do we have for the new technology? If we consider that in 50 years’ time artificial intelligence may well be developing, its own agenda faster than we can think how will we protect ourselves?

Can state sponsored cyber attacks result in no war? With all our details and biometrics online will they be able to compromise them, to a degree that we are subject of a framed criminal act, discrediting or wrong hospital treatment resulting in disablement or death? All of which erodes our society ready for and easy take over?

What should we do?

Security is only going to become more difficult hence we have to start thinking out of the box now, consider ideas that may have been discarded, like we are trying to do here at Salus.

If you have had enough well maybe you can lay on a nice sunny beach drinking cocktails whist your AI takes care of everything for you!

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